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Welcome to my webpage!

My goal in these pages is to provide you with some facts about me, my practice and my expertise but also to help you get a feel for my style as a therapist. Because for therapy to be successful, I believe it is important to find someone who is a "good fit".

Since you're reading this, you're probably looking for someone to help you through a difficult time in your life. Perhaps you're dealing with a recent life transition, or are having conflicts in your relationship with your partner, your child or your parent. Maybe you're trying to overcome the effects of childhood abuse.

You might be struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression, such as excessive worry, problems concentrating, lack of energy or motivation, difficulty sleeping or changes in eating habits. You might be arguing more with significant others or withdrawing from them. These are all common reasons people seek the help of a therapist.

It's been my experience that, sooner or later, every one of us goes through difficult times that challenge us emotionally. Change and growth, even when the changes are positive, can be painful. This is part of the human experience. I see my role as a therapist as one of guidance and support. I believe therapy is fundamentally a collaborative process. I utilize my expertise and experience to help you broaden your perspective and see new possibilities. The answers you find will be your answers, growing out of the conversations we have together, based on your unique experience and personality and our unique collaboration.

I very much enjoy being part of this collaborative process with clients and would be honored to accompany you on your journey to a more satisfying and balanced life.

"Life is a journey, not a destination."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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